Laura Leong – ‘Going for Gold’

With the Olympics just a few weeks away, we were delighted to welcome Laura Leong back to our club to present a very topical demonstration called ‘Going for Gold’.  Laura created 7 arrangements for us, each representing a facet of the games.  Laura also gave us lots of snippets of information about the Olympics while she worked and by the end of the evening the stage was full of a wonderful array of designs depicting the Olympic flame, the 5 rings, the stadium, the flame holder and the gold medals.  Laura had an exotic selection of flowers including some that were new to me – Jatropha which was an orange almost plastic looking flower which gave a lovely representation of fire, a beautiful red and white spray rose called Latino Pompom used in the Stadium arrangement and another spray rose, this time in deep red called Red Piano which she used to depict flames. At the end of the evening the raffle was drawn and  7 very lucky ladies were each able to take home an arrangement, but even those of us who didn’t win went away happy and inspired!  Some photos from the evening are below.