Christmas workshop – 10th November

It’s been a busy few weeks with the Area Show, our November meeting and then our Christmas Workshop all following closely on the heels of each other.  It was a new venue for us at the Kempston West Methodist Church Hall on the High Street in Kempston and parking was a little tricky but we all managed and enjoyed watching our course leader Diane Northwood demonstrate her Christmas ideas.  Then it was our turn and the time just flew by.  Sandra organised a huge pizza for us from a local shop which provided us with a pleasant lunch break and then it was back to work to make a second design.  By the end of the afternoon there was a large number of lovely arrangements to be admired.  It was a lovely relaxed day and I think we all enjoyed it.  Thanks to Diane and also Ann g who made it happen.

Amanda Punter – November 2012

Way back when we arranged  our November meeting, we booked Amanda Cameron from Corby.  By the time the date came round we got Amanda Punter from Corby.  Same lady – new name!  Amanda had recently married and told us about her wedding flowers as well as passing on helpful hints and tips.  Her theme for the evening was ‘Firework’ and she had put a lot of thought into ensuring the flowers that she used were relevant to the theme.  She quickly produced 6 lovely arrangements which 6 lucky ladies from our audience were able to take home with them.

Area Show at Hatfield House

From 26th to 28th October 2012, the Riding School at Hatfield House was transformed by beautiful flowers created by individuals and clubs from all over the Home Counties area.  The title of the show this year was ‘Equinox to Solstice’ and classes included  ‘Time to Celebrate’, ‘Gleaning and Gathering’ , ‘Fire & Ice’ and ‘Inspired by……’   I’m sure you will be able to work out which photos came from which class title!