March 2019 Sharon Badger

For the first demonstration of the year we welcomed back Sharon Badger who took for her theme ‘A Vision for the Future’.  

Sharon’s arrangements reflected turning points in history.  The first represented ancient history and mythology: Aphrodite (red roses) and Roman roads (canes) .  This was followed by an asymmetrical design reminiscent of the Edwardian period with palms, ferns, white spider chrysanthemums and carnations, and red tulips. The third very striking and structural arrangement with yellow roses as the main flower echoed the days of Art Deco styles.  Next was a flamboyant, psychedelic and energetic arrangement depicting the 1960s, using sunflowers, orange carnations and red mini gerberas. The final arrangement using white anthuriums and silver bear grass was a delicate and glittery futuristic design.

Thank you Sharon for sharing your expertise. It was a wonderful display and much appreciated by both longstanding and new members.

Ann Gray

It was with great sadness that we learned of Ann’s illness  and  her subsequent death on  February  9th . Ann had been a member of the Bedford Flower Arrangement / Floral Art Society  for almost fifty years and had served in almost every office and role  within the society.  In   2000 she was invited to become a vice president of the  Society due to  ‘your enormous contribution to the Society which has been much valued ‘. She was a talented teacher and ran flower arranging evening classes in the local area for many years.  A vast number of our members (both past and present) were introduced to their love of flower arranging at her classes  and she has continued to encourage and motivate us  all over the years. She was also a well respected judge, often officiating at local shows including Young Farmers Rallies where she again motivated and inspired young people.
Ann was well known and respected in the wider ‘flower world ‘, especially in the Home Counties area of NAFAS where she was an area teacher and area judge.  As well as BFAS she supported many local clubs especially their Open Meetings.  She also attended Odyssey 21 and  Designer 3 Group who delighted her last year when they  invited her to be their President.  She  was a very creative and accomplished flower arranger always willing to embrace (and pass on) new ideas and trends.  She was also a very keen and knowledgeable gardener; she could  identify  almost any flower or piece of foliage and was always willing  to ‘pick and prune’ to help demonstrators and arrangers enhance their designs. These were just two of her interests; others included  the church, upholstery, holidays, fine art and good wine – a lady who lived life to the full!
The affection in which Ann was held by everyone was evident by the packed Church at her Service of Thanksgiving  . We shall miss her greatly and we extend our sympathy and condolences to her family and friends.