Alan Smith June 2014

Summer Symphony

The consensus at the end of the evening was that we hope it’s not another seven years before you come to BFAS again Alan!  A most entertaining, interesting and instructive meeting.

The dictionary definition of ‘symphony’ is  – ‘anything characterised by a harmonious combination of elements especially an effective combination of colour’  and that sums up Alan’s demonstration perfectly.  

This month we have listed separately the flowers and foliage for each design just to emphasise that it is the addition of the designer’s talent, flair and experience in putting them together that makes all the difference.

Design 1

Foliage- hosta, fatsia and bergenia leaves, small leafed laurel, variegated pittosporum.

 Flowers -pink clematis,  lilac  lisianthus, purple stocks, pink gerbera.

Design 2  based on a Dutch parallel design using vertical and horizontal lines of colour

 Foliage -beech, variegated hosta and bergenia leaves, acuba,  cupressus

 Flowers- blue delphiniums, mauve  alliums, mini yellow gerberas

Design 3

Foliage -phormium, hellebore and bergenia,leaves, skimmia, euronymous, acuba,  choisya sundance,

Flowers-red gerberas,

Design 4 A Study in Orange 

Foliage-privet, ferns, hosta leaves, box,

Flowers -orange carnations, mini orange gerberas, salmon coloured lilies

Design 5 Butterfly Tree

Foliage–periwinkle, variegated jasmine, hosta leaves, ferns,

Flowers-white roses, white lilies.

Silver butterflies

Design 6 

Foliage-beech, hosta, crocosmia and bergenia leaves, ferns, fatsias

Flowers-fuchsias, cerise carnations, Solomon’s seal, cardoons, red peonies, green Anastasia chrysanthemums, cerise pink stocks, lilac hydrangeas, pink phalaenopsis orchid

If you were inspired by Alan’s demonstration why not try to join our next workshop in October -they say practice makes perfect!

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