Barbara Collins March 2016

The stage already looked bright and welcoming with lots of daffodils and Spring flowers when we arrived for our first demonstration of 2016 with Barbara Collins presenting ‘Spring Bouquet’ – a really appropriate title as we met on St David’s Day.
Barbara used both definitions of ‘bouquet’ producing a lovely hand tie as her first arrangement and throughout all the designs used Spring flowers with a beautiful scent. She linked several of the arrangements with Spring events including a basket of flowers for Mother’s Day and a church window design using pussy willow for Easter.
Barbara’s love and knowledge of plant material was apparent throughout and we can name only a few varieties of foliage (much of which was garden material) that was included; griselinia, sennecio, Kew Green skimmia, pittisporum, cornus, bergenia, Xanadu philodendron and willow leaf hebe.
The foliage was complemented by just as many varieties of flowers. Our favourites were Sky Jacket hyacinths, Blueberry roses, multi headed veronica, Flashpoint pink double tulips and freesias.
Barbara’s entertaining presentation was full of humour, information and lots of tips for both novice and experienced flower arrangers all of which made for a well balanced and enjoyable evening for everyone.
By the end of the evening the stage looked stunning – thank you Barbara for a lovely evening.


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