Barbara Collins – ‘Spring into Summer’

After a particularly cold day, we all needed cheering up with thoughts of summer – and that is exactly what Barbara gave us – 6 lovely arrangements of bright and cheery flowers accompanied by humerous chatter.  The results of her endeavours are shown below:

We also held one in our series of ‘Your turn’.  This month the title was ‘Recycled’ and we had some lovely floral entries as well as a photograph section.  Some of the arrangements made by our talented members are shown below.  We have another ‘Your Turn’ event next month (June 1st) – why not have a go yourself?

(I should just point out that I moved 2 of the smaller exhibits to fit them into the photo and they had got coins placed beside them in their original position!  The coins are put down by other members to show their appreciation and favourite, last week the tall one with the catherine wheel on the top was the most preferred.)

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