Clare Allen July 2016

We were delighted to welcome Clare Allen of Skipp’s Florists this month as she had kindly filled in at short notice when our booked demonstrator was indisposed. Clare  presented ‘Anniversary Jewels’ with all the flowers and containers depicting the wedding anniversary colour

We started  with a grouped arrangement representing Silver wedding using  dried pussy willow, antirrhinums, lisianthus , alstromeria,  stocks, menthol and sweet dolomiti roses.  We moved on to Ruby and Clare talked about having movement through the design. This included palms,  mahonia, beech, cotinus, clove carnations, red germinii and rubena lilies. The arrangement and movement was further enhanced by mechanics of  red wire netting with sequins and voile flower heads.

A beautiful hand blown blue glass dish was the base for the Sapphire arrangement. This included baby blue eucalyptus, brunia foliage and a variety of blue flowers .  Surprisingly,  the  arrangement was enhanced by the final addition of pink phlox and dulcet roses. A useful tip:  hydrangea are so thirsty use an orchid tube!

Next came Golden;  a flat design consisting primarily of lemon and cream flowers   including alstromeria,  stocks and  crème de crème roses. Steel grass was used to ‘cage’ the arrangement. Fifty five years signifies Emerald;   lime green carnations and Bloom Anastasia chrysanthemums  were used together with ferns, baby blue eucalyptus, molucella, dracaena and glittered coral fern.

An eye-catching and glittering container for the finale representing a Diamond wedding. This was a layered arrangement using alstromeria, alchemilla mollis, white campanula, tanacetum,and beautiful Duchess paeonies.

Thank you Clare for sharing your expertise during the evening  whilst producing stunning arrangements.



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