Daphne Gramt March 2014

Daphne introduced herself as a glassaholic and the wonderful array of containers she used in her ‘Georgeous Glass demonstration certainly confirmed her love of the material. The vases in varying shapes, sizes, colour and origin were a small part of her ever growing collection.

Her first arrangement was in a beautiful turquoise blue container with frilled edges. Eucalyptus, euonymus, epimedium and pussy willow formed a wonderful background for this white design using tulips, anemones, giant chincherinchee and alstromeria.

The second design, a Hogarth curve, in a beautiful dusky pink candlestick style container was vibrant in colour using cerise carnations, eustoma ,pink gerbera, pink roses and wax flower with viburnum tinus, arbutus  and Berry Marmalade heuchera foliage.  The third design, a long, low arrangement in Daphne’s ‘flying saucer’ container was designed as an all-round arrangement using ‘Cream Wave’ phormiums, yellow roses and tulips. The smooth leaves of the acuba and the wrinkled pittisporum  gave contrast of texture.

The next container reminded us of the peeling layers of an onion and included curled, plain and cream striped aspidistra leaves, choisya, and fatsia as foliage. Leucadendron formed the central point of the design with greenish carnations spiralling around it. Anastasia chrysanthemums completed the arrangement.

The red stems of prunus luctanica (Portuguese bay), together with cotoneaster, arbutus and fatsia formed the basis of the fifth design which was in a black and white vase similar in shape to a Yard of Ale glass. Red leucadendron, scarlet carnations, spray roses, red parrot tulips and scarlet gerberas completed a stunning arrangement.

An L shaped design was the final arrangement which picked up the pink tints in the glass container. ‘Red Devil’ phormium leaves (with rolled ends), skimmia and bergenia leaves provided the foil for pink lisianthus, roses(with a hint of pink), mini pink gerberas, mini amaryllis and pink anthuriums to add a touch of drama.

Daphne provided us with a most enjoyable evening producing six lovely designs – all equally desirable as raffle prizes.  Each design was a different shape and colour combination and included a variety of foliage which most of us have in the garden –  and all enhanced by her Georgeous Glass containers.

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