Doug Howard March 2020

‘What a good demonstrator we had this evening. All the arrangements so different and flower colours so carefully chosen’

This  comment  summed up everyone’s reaction as we welcomed Doug Howard back to BFAS to present ‘Brilliantissimum’ – the first demonstration of our Diamond Anniversary Year. There was a relaxed atmosphere: he gave us useful tips, introduced us  to dynamic balance  (see Summer 2019 Flower Arranger) , to new plant material  (Jatropha Firecracker) and sundries ,  gave an interesting and entertaining commentary whilst using his skill to produce a  display of varied and colourful floral designs ( there were  two non foam designs including the use of a pinholder) – the stage certainly  looked ‘brilliant’ at the end of the evening.

This year we have also reintroduced ‘Your Turn’ when members interpret a title and  bring along their arrangements – this is not a competition and not judged but designed to share ideas . The title was ‘Spring around the Corner’.  There were some beautiful and inspirational arrangements. We were pleased with the number of responses and thank members who participated  – we are always delighted with the talent and expertise we have amongst our membership. Our next Your Turn is in July when the title is ‘Summer Gardens’.

What a ‘brilliantissum’ start to  our Diamond Anniversary Year – thank you Doug for starting it of so well.

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