Helen Chambers July 2022

We were very grateful to Helen Chambers who brought forward her visit to Bedford at very short notice when our scheduled demonstrator was indisposed.

Helen of Evolve Flowers comes from  Spalding in Lincolnshire. The title of her demonstration ‘Celebrate Summer’ was indicative of her passion for  seasonal, British grown flowers. From Achillea and Paeonies  to Vetch and Rumex (did you this was  dock?)  and a whole host of locally grown flowers in between, Helen produced some beautiful and thought provoking arrangements.   It was an entertaining evening enlivened with Helen’s sense of fun and her generous sharing of  knowledge and skills.

The stage looked stunning at the end – a comment from a member as she left  ‘ what a great and very different  evening – not a rose or carnation in sight and no floral foam’ summed up everyone’s enjoymnet – thank you Helen and for allowing us to share the photographs below

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