Jane Fox July 2015

A lovely Summer’s evening and we were again transported to foreign climes with Jane Fox’s ‘ Come fly with me’ presentation. We started off with an arrangement representing a flight in ‘Just Jane ‘- a restored Lancaster bomber. Jane explained the history and restoration. Palm pods represented the aeroplane’s wings with pale delphiniums for the blue sky and white lilies for clouds. The design also included fatsia and laurel leaves together with hydrangea heads, avalanche roses and alliums.

After a calm flight we arrived in Barbados with Jane telling us lots of interesting facts and experiences from her holiday there. But we were also looking forward to the next WAFA World Show which is being held on the island in 2017. A beautiful piece of driftwood, palms, pittosporum, hosta and croton leaves formed the background for loves lie bleeding, lilies and pale pink roses.
We were off to the beach next with a beautiful yellow design (sand and sun) using antirrhinums, sunflowers and yellow fresco roses with cream carnations (to lift the other colours) against a background of palms, cotoneaster, choisya and hosta foliage. The container this time was made of lily grass decorated with jacaranda seed pods and the design incorporated canes bound with rope to give height and a piece of driftwood.

A vision of flying fish playing in the waves was the inspiration for the fourth design. Foliage including
fishtail palms, pittosporum, croton, fatsia and sweetheart plant leaves were used with strelitzia, larkspur, burgundy carnations and orange Gemini gerberas to produce a stunning arrangement.
Sunsets on holiday always seem to be memorable as was the next design based upon a sphere of wicker. Cotinus foliage, Joseph’s coat of many colours and black Thai leaves formed a background for hypericum berries, tangerine high and mighty roses and anthuriums .
Coming home is always very important and the colours of Britain were represented in the last arrangement using conifer, pine, laurel, pittosporum and hostas with green goddess gladioli, Anastasia chrysanthemums, and euphorbia.
The use of a wide selection of flowers and foliage produced a stunning stage display at the end of the evening and together with Jane’s obvious love of floral design and her informative and knowledgeable commentary ensured everyone had had a very enjoyable evening. Thank you


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