Jo Poulter April 2019

We were delighted to welcome Jo Poulter back to Bedford this month.

 Designs featured an arched window, a copper circle, a traditional triangle, a hand tie in a ‘cube’ bag, a traditional triangle, a star and a spiral – a demonstration which certainly lived up to its title ‘All Shapes and Sizes’. There was something for everyone – traditional and contemporary – large and small;  and certainly ideas which could easily be adapted to use  at home – something which  many of our members appreciated.

Flowers included delphiniums, stocks, daffodils, muscari, iris, sunflower heads (with and without the petals), roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, antirrhinums – we were introduced  to a lovely different coloured rose ‘Golden Mustard’. There was just as wide a  range of  foliage and accessories used.

Jo gave us an interesting commentary throughout with hints and ideas together with entertaining stories. Thank you Jo for a very enjoyable evening. There are just a couple of pictures below.

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