Joyce Furssendon April 2018

Joyce promised that her floral designs would bring us some sunshine and they did.  By the end of the evening six delightful arrangements decorated the stage and each recorded an aspect of a special holiday.  Using a wide selection of flowers and colours we ‘travelled’ from the Greek islands to Goa via Amsterdam, Mauritius and Sri Lanka and finally back to  England.

In interesting and varied containers, blue delphiniums, red and green anthuriums,  vivid orange and purple strelitzias,  pink gerberas and red roses portrayed the warmth of sunny climes and the cooler colours of green Anastasia and carnations,  orchids and white roses depicted the more temperate countries. Mainly garden foliage including phormiums, aspidistra leaves, box, yew, and cornus was used to good effect and complemented the flowers very well.

Thank you Joyce for your lovely arrangements and also for introducing many of us to Nandina Domestica.


We are always grateful to members who help in any way at meetings; providing the welcome flower arrangement is one example – a picture of this months is below:


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