Kathy Stangaard November 2016

We took a quick trip round London Theatreland with Kathy’s ‘All the World’s a Stage’  presentation this month.

Eliza’s (from ‘My Fair Lady’) hat was formed mainly from Black aspidistra leaves and avalanche roses. This was followed by a tropical ‘South Pacific’ arrangement.   Fatsia, manipulated pandanus leaves and plaited palms were the main foliage   together with heliconia , ginger flowers, Singapore orchids and cream anthuriums   I wonder how many of us have tried plaiting the palm holding it between our knees?!!

We had an Egyptian theme next with an arrangement including  raphis palm ,sunflowers, germini and  lotus seed heads together with sparkling twigs and contrasting turquoise baubles. A Hogarth curve design represented ‘Blithe Spirit’ using soft ruscus for the outline and then  enhanced by piccolo white eustoma and pink sweet avalanche roses giving an ethereal effect.

The ‘Sound of Music’ was represented by a parallel design. The foliage, grouped to provide contrast in texture, colour and shape, included fatsia, bergenia, garrya elliptica, variegated conifer and nutmeg bush. The verticals were formed from variegated carnations, Kermit germini and carnations together with aconitum.The final arrangement represented the Globe Theatre using soft palm, Anastasia chrysanthemums, box and anthuriums.

The designs were very varied in colour, design and shape; all equally attractive and they   formed a lovely final stage display. Together with an entertaining and humorous commentary which was also instructive and displayed Kathy’s knowledge and love of floral  art we all had a very enjoyable and inspiring evening. Thank you Kathy.


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