Lesley Sturdy- May 2013

It was good to welcome Lesley back to BFAS last Tuesday.  Her demonstration entitled  ‘Around the World’ was  inspired by her own round the world trip and the flowers illustrated different elements of Fiji, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, France and finally home again to England.

Lesley produced an array of different styles of arrangement and used a wide variety of flowers and foliage. There were some very happy raffle winners!  Although not always originating from the country being depicted, the flowers and foliage did convey the desired impression; the Akito roses, white carnations and gypsophila worked very well to reflect the Maori name for New Zealand –Aotearoa -which is often translated as ‘land of the long white cloud’.  Lesley also  used palms, fatsia and aspidistra leaves, asparagus fern, arum italicum, rhamus, dried roots, camellia branches, cotoneaster, gerberas, calla lilies, philadelphus(mock orange),  narcissi, Singapore orchids, hydrangeas, tulips, pink roses and hellebores.


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