Louisa Rigden April 2023

It had been the first really beautiful Spring day on Tuesday and the hopefulness and joy of the season continued when Louisa Rigden presented ‘Spring Delights’.

Louisa’s love  and knowledge of flowers and particularly of garden foliage  shone through as she presented  five beautiful but very different designs including a foam free arrangement around a large twisted ivy root. We were treated to all the ‘usual’ Spring flowers tulips, daffodils,  irises, hyacinths,  hellebores and ranunculas  with a glimpse  slightly further into the year with stocks, aliums, antirrhinums  and carnations. The focus on Spring colours included pastel tones as well as the expected ‘daffodil’ yellow.   All designs were supplemented with a very wide range of foliage mainly from Louisa’s garden.

Louisa showed us how smaller arrangements can be combined with chosen mechanics to produce greater impact in larger spaces. The five designs produced eight raffle prizes and the winners went home delighted with, as one member said,  ‘very manageable’  beautiful arrangements.  

Louisa’s expertise as a national teacher was evident as she gave us lots of tips including watering wreath rings with ice cubes!

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