Lynda Stamp March 2017

Our first floral demonstration of 2017 was ‘Chasing Rainbows’ presented by Lynda Stamp. Lynda’s love of floral art  and her abundant  knowledge of all kinds of plant material was evident  as she produced designs concentrating on all the colours of the rainbow.The designs  were varied in shape and  texture and  and she has kindly allowed us to include a couple of pictures from the evening. We have chosen red, orange and yellow but all the arrangements were  equally stunning .

The tropical red design  included  palms, a selection of tropical leaves and skimmia together with anthuriums, helaconia and red carnations. The vibrant orange arrangement included orange roses, proteus and gerberas with a variety of foliage and silvered palms in a metal container with orange and pink canes providing movement.

The yellow arrangement was more contemporary with the container made using egg boxes (as paper mache), chicken wire and rope. A couple of fatsia leaves and contorted willow were placed before  butterfly  orchids (still in their tubes) were woven around and through the structure.

At the end of the evening the stage looked stunning  filled with beautiful, colourful displays  as we  listened  to  ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and watched  bubbles floating across the stage.  There were some very happy and lucky raffle winners!

Thank you Lynda for providing us with a wonderful start to our year.




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