Mark Entwistle Open Evening October 2021

Mark’s first visit to BFAS and Home Counties was a great success.  He is known as The Floral Enthusiast  and he certainly lived up to the title.

Each of his  designs focussed on either a primary or secondary colour and as he worked he explored the meanings and associations of that particular colour.   The first arrangement was an orange theme and the colour meaning….  creativity and enthusiasm, sums up Mark very well. 

His  skill   in using so many different flowers,   colour tones , form and space in each arrangement demonstrated his creative  and artistic abilities.     For example in the ‘yellow’ design he included  lilies, antirrhinums, lemon ice gerbera, moonwalker roses and craspedia together with dracaena Florida beauty against a background of bright yellow mitosanarka twigs

The audience was treated to a masterclass. 

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