Members Evening April 2015

The photographs we’ve chosen this month depict a very busy and sociable atmosphere in the hall as we participated in a ‘hands on session’ at our ‘Fun, Friendship and Flowers’ members evening.
There was initial frustration from some as we attempted unfamiliar skills manipulating aspidistra, phormium and ivy leaves – plaiting, pleating, folding, stranding, shredding. Thanks to Sandra for demonstrating some of the basic ideas and spending time patiently with groups around the room. Gradually everyone relaxed and many interesting and different forms were produced.
After delicious refreshments produced by Linda and a short time to socialise with other members it was time to incorporate our leaf manipulations into a spring design using a plant pot. Everyone was given tulips and daffodils and could include their own foliage and accessories. As Easter was still in our minds there were lots of twigs, chicks, nests and eggs!
We always knew our members were talented but the display of almost fifty very varied and beautiful arrangements on the stage at the end of the evening really showcased their expertise.
Thank you to everyone who showed enthusiasm during the evening and to those who worked hard to make the event so successful.

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