Nick Grounds October 2023

We were delighted to welcome Nick Grounds back to Bedford after over 10 years. The post after his last visit stated ‘ Nick kept us all amused and attentive with his tales of his life as an auctioneer whilst at the same time creating beautiful arrangements. The seemingly casual ease with which each arrangement appeared before us inspired and delighted everyone’;  and he certainly didn’t disappoint this time as he presented ‘Stems and Stuff’. A real variety of  innovative arrangements; a couple using foam but mainly foam free,  from a design just using a few gloriosa lilies attached to a bundle of bleached stems to large designs in a soup tureen and a galvanised colander using seasonal flowers and foliage.

Nick’s passion  and appreciation for nature were evident throughout which he shared with us through simple tips and wider nuggets of wisdom

Thank you Nick for a very delightful evening and to everyone else who contributed to its success.

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