Pauline Foster September 2019

We were delighted to welcome Pauline Foster to Bedford for the first time this month.

Her presentation was ‘Dressing the Dandy’ which reflected her interest in costume and history.

She delighted us with six very different designs – traditional and contemporary – which included Beau Brummell, Edward VIII (and his golfing interest), James Bond (Diamonds are Forever), Matadors and Madame de Pompadour.

The wide variety of arrangements used  beautiful containers complemented with accessories  which also reflected Pauline’s love of craft. There was also an extremely wide variety of  beautiful flowers, combination of colours and foliage.  Foliage included periwinkle, hostas, laurel, heuchera, bergenia, tillandis air plants, cordyline, conifer and eucalyptus. Flowers included  clematis, spray roses, delphiniums, crocosmia, chrysanthemums, callas, orchids, carnations and pin head protea.

The stage looked beautiful at the end of the evening and there were many happy raffle winners – thank you Pauline for an interesting, informative and entertaining evening.

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