Rayna Shiach June 2015

We were all looking forward to our holidays by the time we had been on an aeroplane, visited Dubai, enjoyed a drink, sent a postcard and then travelled back home during Rayna Shiach’s presentation ‘Happy Holidays’.
The first design representing the flight away ( accompanied by interesting stories of Rayna’s time as an air stewardess) used manipulated aspidistra leaves, pittisporum, akito roses and lisianthus. The Burj Khalifa Tower (height 2717’) in Dubai together with the sunshine was the inspiration for the next arrangement using eucalyptus and yellow cybidium orchids with cellophane being used to represent the glass of the tower.
We all enjoy a drink of pink champagne on holiday and this was represented by using cypress papyrus for height), manipulated phormium leaves and choisya together with pink and white carnations and dedronium orchids.
The purchase of an ‘exotic bunch’ was used to create the ‘wish you were here’ postcard arrangement. The bunch contained unknown ‘pig face’ , heliconia and ginger lilies and used with pandanus (screw pine), phoenix palm, lady’s finger palm and cordylines.
We celebrated coming home with a lovely arrangement using variegated pieris, cupressus, High Society roses, orange carnations and purple lisianthus.


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