Sandie Draper June 2023

This month we were delighted to welcome Sandie Draper on her first visit to Bedford.  Since Covid there has been an increased awareness and appreciation of the contribution made by nature to mental, health and physical well being. Sandies  designs were all ‘inspired by nature’   both physically and mentally. The inspirations varied  from  passion, reflections, calmness, and joy  with  designs centred around an old piece of ivy, driftwood, the garden and woven grasses.

All the arrangements were beautiful and very different using a wide variety of  flowers  including  many British grown. All of them were enhanced in texture and colour  by  the inclusion of an even wider variety of foliage the majority  from Sandie’s garden .

One stunning design used just three orchid heads against a background of pieces of foamboard decorated with paper napkins, honesty and dried flower heads.

A different, happy  and inspiring evening enjoyed by all.

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