Shirley Henderson July 2023

‘Take a Piece of Wood’  was the title of Shirley Henderson’s presentation as we welcomed her to Bedford for the first time.

It was a delightful theme with all arrangements set on or within  wonderfully different pieces of wood which were associated with special memories, nature or its sensory characteristics . The pieces varied  from a chair made from an old tree trunk  to rather large  ‘sticks’ collected by her grandson. The contrasting finishing on the wood   varied from highly  polished to very rustic. She also included   rolled bamboo garden edging –  a fair imitation of wood!

Shirley included a wide variety of flowers and foliage, one arrangement devoted to a supermarket bunch  supplemented with a few stems of garden material. We were also  introduced to a very useful houseplant phelbodium.

It was  a very informative evening as she shared her knowledge about trees. We all know ebony is the darkest wood but did you know holly is the whitest?

Thank you Shirley and Theresa for a very enjoyable and polished evening. The pictures below just give a flavour.

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