Terry Babbage August 2013

On August 6 we welcomed Terry Babbage, a trainee demonstrator  to present Odd Pots. His pots/containers were varied in design, size and material (including crushed paper,  metal – the duck and tap ,drift wood  and glass)

Terry’s retirement from the clothing industry, where colour had been a major focus of his work, gave him an opportunity to develop his interest in flower arranging.

The demonstration was different and interesting in that he produced five monochromatic designs (green, white, red, orange and pink) using a variety of flowers including roses, gerberas, carnations, chrysanthemums, anthuriums and eustoma.

Terry’s final arrangement  used a mixture of all the flowers he had used in his other designs: a real contrast to the previous five.

Everyone enjoyed his commentary – humorous, anecdotal, and informative. We wish him well in his demonstrator exams.

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