Theresa Rodrigues June 2016

We were delighted to welcome Theresa Rodrigues to our June meeting when she presented ‘From Root to Bloom’. It was also good  to see so many members who had braved the tremendous  thunder storms and flooding  to attend the meeting.

In contrast to the weather outside it was lovely to be transported to Malaysia and hear of Theresa’s background and  return visits to her homeland with her family.  There were floral designs representing a childhood memory of a fishing village off the Malacca Strait, the  Petronas Towers, the Night Market in Kuala Lumpar, the Island of Eagles and the  lusciousness of the Botanical Gardens.

All the  stunning, vibrant  arrangements really depicted the landmarks she was describing and  were in wonderful, complimentary containers. Many different types of flowers  were used    including both cymbidium and Singapore orchids, gloriosa lilies, anthuriums, lilies, tuberose, strelitzia and my favourites – tulipa ricocco and a double hydrangea ‘Beauty Pageant’. Foliage was  just as varied and was representative of the  verdant rain forest. Theresa kindly agreed to share one photo with us – guess which landmark this was!

Thank you Theresa for a very enjoyable evening sharing your skill  and your love of flowers with us- we hope you and all the audience had a safe and trouble free journey home.

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